Meet Ashley; an avid natural light photographer with nearly 8 years of experience. She has always had a knack for photography but it wasn't until her dad's passing that photography really took on a deeper meaning. While boudoir is Ashley's specialty, she is also passionate about maternity photography.

Each one of her photo shoots is unique; She takes shoots from conception and direction to a final image. She is also an experienced stylist with an eye for detail. She loves coordinating styles.

Situated between Rhode Island and New Hampshire, Ashley works on-location in Boston, Massachusetts. However, she would never turn down the opportunity to travel!

Ashley's process is to capture your vision and execute lighting and composition to create a gallery of images that tell your story.

When she's not looking through her viewfinder, you will find her posted up on her couch watching HGTV, while snuggling with her cats and husband.

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Photography by: Cristina Ribeiro; Edited by: SYS


Our first furr-baby, Oreo. (Photography by: Me)

BEST DAY EVER. Photography by: Adam & Christina Bridges.

Our newest edition, Boots. (Photography by: Me)



It doesn't matter how cold it is outside, you will never find me with a hot coffee (because iced is where it's at)!


Cookies & Cream, Coffee, Vanilla and Chocolate Chip are some of my favorite flavors. Top it with some sprinkles and I'm a happy lady!


The beach is my happy place; from the sound of the crashing waves to the smell of salt water, I am usually most relaxed by the water.


The Property Brother is literally one of my favorite HGTV shows. I can watch this alllll day long!