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Inspired by Stranger Sessions Photography Project.


Are you single and looking for some romance in your life? Well, this is exactly how it sounds. A couples photography session with two strangers. During the session, two singles will pose as a couple and wear blindfolds. I will then prompt them with questions and poses as I take photographs. They will unveil their blindfolds for the actual surprise reveal. Shocked? Surprised? Excited? I’ll be there to document it all.


During the 90 minute photography date, the two strangers will get to know each other by posing as an actual couple, learning each others likes and dislikes through talking, joking, playful body language, and various fun prompts like opening up champagne, tickle sesh, the kissing game, and a shower/bath scene (depending on location).


But this won’t just be about looks. The selection process for this session will go one step deeper than that. I will base stranger selections off photos and this questionnaire. Let’s see who is the right fit on camera and (potentially) off.


This is a fun project; however, there is a $50 FEE / PERSON to be part of it. A signed model release is required and clothing/attire will be discussed in advance of shoot. Photographs taken in this session WILL be used on social media forums, and may even be submitted for publication. You will receive the edited digital images as a thank-you for being part of this project.



I can't wait to play match-maker!



Yes, I am following all CDC guidelines and regulations for the state of Massachusetts.

You will be temperature checked upon arrival.
COVID-19 testing is required 72 hours PRIOR to your session date.
Failure to comply will result in termination of your session.


Yes, there are safety protocols in place for ANYONE who is uncomfortable proceeding with their session. In the beginning of every session, I will go over a specific code word. If you are uncomfortable at any time during your session, use your code word in a session and I will come up with an excuse to end your session - no questions asked (well, maybe a few).

You will also NEVER be left alone with your match.


As much as I would LOVE for these sessions to end in a relationship (of some sort), I know that may not be the case.

At the end of your session, you and your match can choose where your communication lies; If you connected well, maybe you'll want to exchange numbers. If you didn't connect well, then maybe you'll just leave your session and chalk it up to a new experience.