Welcome to Our Space!

Step into our versatile 340-square-foot rental studio, where every creative endeavor finds its perfect setting. Be among the first to enjoy exclusive deals during our opening month, available for our hourly, half-day, and full-day rentals. Our studio, initially designed as a living room yet easily convertible into a bedroom, offers a seamless backdrop for your projects. With a backdrop stand featuring both grey and white options included, your visual storytelling reaches new heights.

What makes our space even more unique is its shared ambiance with a salon (702 square feet), adding an extra dimension to your photo ops. This collaboration expands your creative possibilities, offering diverse settings and styles within one location.

Capture moments, create content, and let your imagination soar—book now to seize our opening month offers and discover the endless potential of our rental studio.

Ready to step into the world of creativity or have questions about our services? Get in touch with us BY CLICKING HERE. You can also easily rent our space online by visiting THIS LINK. Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of our studio, nestled in the heart of Stoughton, MA. Every moment is a canvas waiting to be painted.

This is our process:

Studio Features

  • Staged Living Room Setups: Step into our world of aesthetics with two meticulously staged living room setups. Choose between the opulence of a large velvet sofa or the contemporary allure of a small black leather sofa.
  • Versatile Bed Setup: Transform our space into your canvas with our adaptable bed setup, perfect for a range of photo shoots and artistic visions. Please note that the bed setup is not always arranged, so if you require it for your photoshoot, kindly let us know in advance.
  • Dedicated Backdrop Area: Let your imagination run wild against our professionally curated backdrop area, designed to elevate your creative projects. Our backdrops currently consist of white seamless paper (53 inches wide, 16 feet long) or grey seamless paper (81 inches wide, 16 feet long), providing versatile options for your shoots. We plan to add more colors to our collection in the future!
  • Natural Lighting: Experience the beauty of natural light streaming through three 9-foot windows, enhancing the ambiance of our studio and adding a touch of magic to your photoshoots.
  • Salon Stations: Discover three fully-equipped salon stations available for shooting or for your hair and makeup artists, providing versatility and convenience for your beauty and fashion projects.

Upcoming Additions: Stay tuned for our upcoming additions, including a clawfoot tub, fake shower install, more plants, and other pieces to enhance the space.


  • Private Restroom: Enjoy the convenience of a private restroom just outside the salon area, equipped with modern amenities for your comfort.
  • Lockable Lockers: Safeguard your belongings in our secure lockable lockers, ensuring peace of mind during your visit.

Security & Privacy

Your safety and privacy are paramount to us. Rest assured, we have state-of-the-art security cameras discreetly placed throughout the studio. Access to these cameras is strictly limited to the studio owner and salon owner, guaranteeing your confidentiality and protection.



When do I show up/leave?

Please make sure that you book enough time to set up your photoshoot and clean it all up within the block of time you have paid for. If you have moved furniture, please move it back before departure. You must be out by the end of your block of time to ensure others behind you can start their own shoot on time. There is a fee for vacating the studio after your slotted time. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more details.


There is ample free parking on either side of the salon.

Glitter, loose powder, or smoke bombs?

All renters are responsible for the cleanup of their shoot and to put the studio back to exactly how they found it. Unfortunately, using really hard to clean up glitter or powder may be almost impossible to clean up perfectly so for that reason, we are not currently allowing glitter, smoke bombs, or loose powders. You may make special requests if it’s something you feel like you can keep contained. Please email us at ashley@seayousmile.com.


Unfortunately, we do not allow pets in the building.


Our full cancellation policy is laid out in our terms and conditions page when you check out. We understand that unforeseen circumstances pop up and are happy to help you reschedule your shoot! You can reschedule or cancel right in your confirmation email or reach out to ashley@seayousmile.com with your cancellation request and we will give you credit for your full session to be used at a later date! We require minimum of 24 hours notice; credits expire 18 months after issue date.

Food and Drink?

You are welcome to have food or drink, we just ask that you clean up after yourselves and you are responsible for any damage spills may cause . Must get pre-approval and may need to get license for alcohol. Please email ashley@seayousmile.com for approval and further questions.


For security purposes, please note that our security footage is integrated with our Wi-Fi system. As a result, we are unable to share the Wi-Fi network with guests. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding in prioritizing the security and privacy of our studio.

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